When S♡NE leave our girls…


[Taeyeon] If you really don’t like Soshi…We won’t blame on you. Because everyone have their own choice~
[Yuri] I think S♡NE really do suffer alot~ Whenever ANTI bash us, you guys try your best to protect us. Maybe you guys are tired now. It’s okay!
[Tiffany] I’m sorry…S♡NE~ You are tired, right? If you think that Soshi will make you be ANTI-ed…Go for your own then.
[Hyoyeon] Well… There’s alot of S♡NE who don’t like me. The fact broke my heart into pieces!! S♡NE, even though you don’t like Soshi…we really won’t blame on you~

[Seohyun] S♡NE, I really hope that you will stay with us, give us a chance.
[Jessica] I’m sorry…You really cumbered by us. I hope ANTI won’t blame on S♡NE~ Blame on us.
[Sooyoung] When you become our fans…We were so happy that we gain a S♡NE more…But now, alot of S♡NE leave. S♡NE-ah. I’m sorry!

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