Message for you fanyaahhh

I always liked all things related to Tiffany .. she always had a passion that impressed me .. Besides my parents, she was the person I most admire in this world .. Her smile can erase all my sadness .. I do not know, but I always like the person whohas beautiful eyes .. and tiffany is one of them ..
Many people consider me weird because idolize a woman .. but .. hey! This is not as you think, hey narrow minded people! This is something normal .. moment where you really admire someone because of her attitude, enthusiasm, and ambition .. yes, Tiffany has the ambition .. he never forgot her dream .. She is a mature figure but often behave like little children .. it’s because she’s plain and simple .. I’ve always admired tiffany .. always pray for you fanyaahh.. Fany’s Love pink!!

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