Love Hurt

Do you pray for us ? 

pray for me ? or pray for yourself ? 

or… pray for our heart .. 

my heart 

and your heart 

our heart full with the pain .. 

I hurt you

You hurt me 

but we love each other 

Don’t you think we look like an idiot ?

Love and hate .. ckck 

Why you acting like a jerk? Why you hurt me so much ? 

So…. did you pray for us ? 

Pray for our pain ? 

Pray for our togetherness .. 

Should I kneel down to you ? Should I beg you ? 

begged for not to hurt me anymore ..

Begged for a forgiveness .. 

Actually ..

I should love you after all the suffered I had done for you .. 

But , fortunately, I realized taht I didn’t have anything to make you stay .. 

I can’t

I can’t make you stay 

So just go ..

I just can let you go , so we didn’t hurt each other .. 

Sorry , for the pain that I make ..



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